So, what is love?

Well, it’s funny when people get round to this. Out of all the doctrine and topics I could talk about on here, love has an extreme and prominent role. For God is love; and he loves us expectantly, even when he doesn’t get any love in return! Although God may be hurt when we fear him enough to reject him, God lovingly cares for us more anyways. He even came down in power, as the saviour of the world, and saved every single one of us- the last, the least and the lost.

We sometimes are guilty as night for looking and seeing God as some kind of impersonal force; always there, but never caring. What is so wrong with this school of thought, with this thought that we are as insignificant as the next person, is that we love less ourselves. For if we don’t believe in a loving and true God, then what are we impersonating? If we are made within his Holy image, then how can we give him the credit if we think he doesn’t care for us? What will the world do if they ever found out the God, who made them and every good thing around them, didn’t care? That the world will fail no matter what we do, and there is nothing that we could ever do about it? Sounds rather bleak, doesn’t it?

Fortunately for us, God DOES love us; and he DOES actually care! Like the prodigal son, somehow he welcomes us with open arms every time we run back to him- no matter what we have done, or how much we sinned. He is the God of the sinner; the God of the ones who need some help- of the ones who need a doctor. What I find interesting about this analogy is that with a doctor, you aren’t healed unless you go to him and ask for healing. Think about it; when have we ever expected our family doctors to come to us when we have fallen horribly ill? Surely we have to admit we have a problem first; then contact him (or her- sorry for being sexist). This simple analogy alludes to The Pharisees of old very well- they thought they were well; so nothing God could do for them made them better.

We have all heard of the story of the stubborn Auntie, or brother, or sister, or mother (you get the point) who didn’t go to the doctor’s because they thought they’ll be fine? Sure, sometimes they actually were, but what about the times when they got worse? Many a time have I heard of people going to the doctor’s with an advanced medical condition; and not being able to save them from what is killing them? In the same way, the kingdom of God is- without turning our eyes to God and confessing within our hearts our sin and brokenness; we don’t stand a chance, we will never live to even survive to tell of our struggles. Without God there to heal and absolve us of our very sin, there comes a point where there is no turning back; a point where nothing God will do can ever save us, so we become lost for eternity.

Why else do you think God (Jesus) was so harsh on the Pharisees in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John? Was it because they followed the law? Although they tried their best to absolve their sins by doing so, no it was not. Jesus may have slightly admired their effort if they just took the little effort to turn their eyes to God. Their own pride and so-called ‘faith’ had became a religious bond that no man could break; for only God himself could do so. But why the Pharisees? Why not the Samaritans or even the drunken tax collectors; who’s very sin must have stunk to high heaven to God? Well, it’s because it is as simple as this- God came there to heal, save and restore sinners. If the person didn’t think they were applicable to the call, how could they be saved? How could they ever get on the ferry of salvation before it leaves port; handing over their very lives as a testimony to The Lord’s kingship?

God didn’t try to drag the Pharisees down within judgement; although that came later for them. He was actually there to try to save them- almost in the same way a man tries to save a hostage with Stockholm Syndrome. Believing their prison is for the best, they reject their very rescuer in return of something which will eventually kill them. God never claimed to hate the person- only the sins which dirtied them, the clothes which soiled them in disgust, and the pious self-righteousness which could never ever save any man, woman or child; no mater how holy they were. For only God is good, and only God is holy- without God within the equation, we are doomed. Without someone to pay for our sins, we will and always be dead inside; not ever standing a chance to reconcile ourselves with God. No matter how short we are from God (some were more so than others), we all fall short of God’s righteousness; God’s just love and law over our lives. This is the problem, so there must be a solution; right?

Well, why do you think Jesus came to earth then? Is it because he was a ‘good teacher’? No- although his teachings were good; that was not why he came down to us here on Earth. Was it because he wanted prove that he was God? No- he expected us to be able to know that already; although his kingship and lordship was evident even in his most prominent (and humble) moments here on Earth. Was it because he was on a mission? Yes- he knew that the law stated that a blameless lamb, a son of God even, needed to be sacrificed to solve the problem of our very own sin; he came down to the Earth to restore us, not to judge us (although he shall come down at some point in the near future again to judge, but that is another article entirely).

For “God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, so all that believe in him shall not perish; but have eternal life” (John 3:16). This verse is my testimony summarised, and the summary of every other testimony which was, is, and is to come. Jesus saves. He didn’t save all but a few, yet he saves. He shall save now, he shall save in 100 years time- he shall save forever. The problem with us is not that we don’t have access to the living God, the problem is that we decide not to bother most of the time. For “the road is narrow”, it is safe to assume that we won’t find a majority of people who existed in Heaven. This isn’t a cry for damnation, far from it, but a cry for you who aren’t saved and still just a sinner; a plea that you will be one of the few, these band of brothers, who will open their eyes and confess Jesus the Christ as our Lord and Saviour. This isn’t an altar call- this is far more substantial than that. God has given you a contract that you can sign at any time in your life- please do sign it before you move on and pass away to the other side. Once you get there, it may just be too late.

Why, oh why, would someone turn down such a gracious gift as this? Is it because they’re not good enough? No; because even the worst sinners- the murderers, the cheaters, the scum (even Hitler, dare I say it) could get into Heaven if they wanted to. Is it because they are righteous enough as it is? No; because no is good enough- and no matter how much meditation you do, how perfectly you face east, and how much you care about caring for the plants and trees whom live around you in your life, this will never save you. Only Jesus can save you; for without him we are just mere dust- destined to be lost forever; destined to fail, destined to perish eternally. If you think I am being harsh, then tell me this- if you reject God in this life, why would a just God want to force you into eternal relation with him? If you don’t want him, he loves you enough to respect your decision to be separated from him eternally. Although this deeply breaks and hurts him at his core, God must be just- and everyone has free will. For if Judas didn’t commit suicide, I’m sure Jesus would have given him a second chance once he raised from the dead- in the same way that he did for Peter.

For the only difference between Judas and Peter was that Judas didn’t accept God’s life for him; never ever to be saved and sanctified by Jesus Christ. Imagine if Judas pulled through, confessed Jesus was God and his Saviour and turned away from his sins- what would have happened next? We may think Paul’s story was strong and deeply inspiring; but what of Judas’? Imagine if the killer of the Saviour was forgiven; how amazing could it have been? I could almost savour and imagine the possibility of worshipping the God of everything and everyone in Heaven next to Judas Iscariot; who’s very life testified to God’s saving grace. Unfortunately for him, we now know that he never accepted God into his own heart; and this cost him dearly- not only his life, but his soul’s in the next.

So, please just don’t sit there and think that this is a ‘neat article’ and go back to watching that 4oD show which really doesn’t do anything for you; yet passes the time. Please, do me a favour and do something about your eternal security- for we were never meant to be set apart from The Lord;  yet always were meant to forever commune with him in loving harmony. If we don’t accept his Good News,  his Gospel, we reject the living God who lovingly made us by his very own hands; who made the laws of Physics and the stars above (as well as everything else, of course!). Just accept him into your heart now, for he is not just a teacher, but the living God himself; and he wants to live within you for now and forevermore.

 20 “Look! I stand at the door and knock. If you hear my voice and open the door, I will come in, and we will share a meal together as friends. 21 Those who are victorious will sit with me on my throne, just as I was victorious and sat with my Father on his throne.
 22 “Anyone with ears to hear must listen to the Spirit and understand what he is saying to the churches.” (REVELATION 3: 20-22)


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2 Responses to So, what is love?

  1. tawnymartin says:

    You and your brother (Trev) are such great writers! 🙂 The point you brought up about how God came to save ALL was very relevant to me, since my “denomination” Presbyterianism is very Calvinistic and has the concept of “limited atonement” and that the “select” are only allowed into Heaven, something which I disagree with although I love my church, since the Bible says that in the very verse you quoted that he had come to “save all the world” and that “all who believe in him shall be saved,” thus you can see my … objections. I dislike Calvin by the way 😛 but mainly for his actions and how he couldn’t separate church/state in his own life and so burnt at the stake a philosopher who had only been interested in hearing him preach! Calvin will never live that one down for me.

    Oh, and by the way, thank you for subscribing to my own blog (purifiedasgold) (I got an email alert saying you did) I really appreciate it! 🙂 I hope you liked my articles. 🙂

    Heh… this is rather a long comment (something Trev is quite familiar with lol) but then again I’m known for this haha, and I think this is an excellent idea that he is doing here, and I can’t wait for more people to come so that the discussions can really begin, since I love discussions and I love discussing theology and this is all great! I’m so glad he let me be a part of it. 🙂 😀

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