Elephants in a Closet Full of Skeletons: The Premise

There are many verses Christians ignore.

Some may deny this the very moment they read that, but it is true. Our reasons are legion for avoiding them; the implications are too dark, the problem of reconciling it to what we believe too difficult…
Or maybe just that looking at them is just, plain uncomfortable. Often, it seems that ‘bible believing’ Christians only believe that which suits them, and ignore some of the more troublesome verses (or books; the book of Joshua is particularly hard to reconcile to Christian conceptions of God.) But just because they are troublesome does not mean they should be ignored; on the contrary, these verses and questions and problems ought be tackled head on. Even if we cannot provide a clear cut answer, we must at least grapple with them and build up a perspective, or an understanding; after all, Paul exhorts us in 1 Timothy to be prepared both in season and out of season with answers.

Chances are we will need to have answers for the very questions we are avoiding.

I speak only for myself – I cannot speak for the others writing on this blog – when I say that I personally believe the bible to be inerrant, inspired by God, and true. I believe that about all of the bible.
Even the verses I wish weren’t there.

So here’s a blank slate for you all: this category is going to be for all the articles dealing with any problem verses, knotty questions and doubts you care to raise. I do not claim we will be able to answer them completely, merely to at least throw some light on it, and some perspectives.

If you have anything you want us to tackle, let us know by asking it in a comment, or email me!
As it stands, I will soon be writing up articles on whether God hates anyone, and whether He condones genocide; there are verses in the bible that suggest both, thus ought be tackled.

So, if you have any questions, problem verses, doubts or issues with Christianity, the bible, the Church and everything in between, then I look forward to hearing from you all!


About trevfrancis

It always seems an odd position to be in; how do you distill yourself into a mere box? The short is, you can't, but I will give it a good go all the same; 23 years I've been on this earth, and 9 of them as a Christian. Books and learning are a passion of mine, as is spending time in good company. The pub is my preferred place for study, and all the wonderful insights I find there from people who I see eye to eye with, even if we agree on precious little. True friends are synonymous with family to me, and I love my family very much. Love walking to clear my head, will walk for miles upon miles if I could. At the end of the day, the best I can think of to sum me up is a pilgrim, far from home, seeking to understand the world he's passing through, and the God behind it all.
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