There are many things I treasured, but only realised I did so once they were gone. One of them were the chances to talk with my friends on things that mattered; often the talk was about God, but it spanned so much more as well. We challenged one another, helped one another see things from another perspective, and even butted heads on occasion. These conversations helped, in no small part, mould my thinking.

This blog exists to recapture that in part, but also to have conversations with everyone and anyone. This is an open forum, where anyone who wants to write can write, and any position is welcome. I am a Christian, and many people who are and will write on here will be Christians, and so there will a deeply Christian slant to this blog. But even if you are not a Christian, you are still welcome to write here; These are the only rules for anyone commenting on, or writing for, this blog;

1. To respect one another and each other’s opinion; no position is so heinous that it cannot be responded to decently and respectably.
2. To respect God and Jesus Christ when writing on them, even if you do not believe in them.

And if you happen to be an editor and administrator, these rules also apply;
3. No post or non-spam comment is to be deleted
4. No post or non-spam comment is to be edited without the original writer’s permission.

There is no specific stance that must be taken, no specific view; after all, if you surround yourself with people who always think the same as you, how can you grow?

So, if you want to throw in your thoughts, you are more than welcome to! If you want to go beyond commenting and actually write something for this blog – if you want to voice an opinion, thought, reflection – or even a challenge – then please contact me (trevfrancis). My email address is on my profile.

I look forward to the many discussions that will hopefully fill the pages of this blog, for the glory of God.


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