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To be honest, I don't really like doing these things - I haven't done the one offered on Facebook either, because I believe - and I know - that it is so hard to try to show fully who a person really is into a little box, anyway, about me though: I am 19 going on 20, and I have a deep passion for books, stories, ideas, and spending time with my good friends, oft just sitting around not talking, just enjoying each other's company; and I love to read the classics of the past that are relevant even today, especially the Bible, which has drawn me back into it countless times, but only recently have I truly began to study and meditate *in* it, although the stories - the ahem, naughty stories - piqued my interest when I was very young, and I sincerely believe C.S.Lewis' statement that "what we want is not more little books on Christianity - but more little books by Christians on other subjects - with their Christianity latent." As an author, I hope to do just that - here and elsewhere.

Songs In the Night – An Article Response Part 2 (Isaiah 43:1-7)

This post opens with one of my most favourite passages from the entirety of the Bible ever, from the book of Isaiah, a book fraught with prophecies of a coming Messiah…. and promises that ring true to this day. This … Continue reading

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Songs In the Night – An Article Response Part 1

This article was written as a response for one of the earlier studies  posted by the founder of this blog, Trev Francis, that is centred around elucidating the passage of Romans 8: 18-26 to all of us, and this is … Continue reading

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The Safest Place In the World

The safest place in the world, as storms buffet and fear like white water pounds on the soul as we sail as voyagers through this crazy idea known as “life” can only be found in the arms of Jesus. Everyone … Continue reading

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“We Rest On Thee” A Call to Heroism

Yes, you read the title correctly. In this post I will be discussing the hymn “We Rest on Thee” (Tune: Finlandia) and how it is indeed a clarion call to heroism and reliance upon God and also an inspiration to … Continue reading

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